1. Joey listening to his stereo and being pulled down into his bed for his death is similar to Glen's death in the original Nightmare on Elm Street.

2. The view of Freddy supposedly watching them from the window inside the house is similar to how Michael Myers watched Laurie from inside the house in Halloween.

3. Freddy's claw chasing after Kristen on the water is purposely made similar to Jaws.

4. The Crave Inn restaurant is similar to Joey B's Diner in Jason Goes To Hell.

5. When Dan is taken to the hospital, a nurse calls out over the loudspeaker, "Dr. Shaye to OR Staff." This is an obvious reference to Robert Shaye, producer and head of New Line Cinema.


6. Kristen tells Alice that they have matching luggage and smokes. Later, Alice says the same thing to Sheila.

7. Sheila tells Alice that her motto is "Mind Over Matter." Later, Alice realizes this, and adopts it as her own.

8. Rick passes on his karate knowledge and his bandanna to Alice.

9. In the beginning of the movie, Rick climbs out the window to evade their father. At the end, Alice uses that same exit.

10. Debbie wore a spiked bracelet early on in the movie, and Alice later wears it to represent Debbie in the final battle with Freddy.

11. One of Kincaid's famous lines was "f*ckin' A," something Alice says after she is finally prepared to fight Freddy.

12. When Alice nips up after Freddy knocks her down, it is similar to when Kristen nipped up at the end of Dream Warriors.

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