Matt: 'The Dream Child' was a big letdown for me. After all the success of Parts 3 and 4, they could have done a lot better with this one. It does continue the storyline of Alice as the lead heroine, but it just became way too far-fetched, even for an 'Elm Street' film. No wonder they had a hard time finding a director to take on the project. On the plus side, it was unique and stylistic, but the idea of Freddy getting into an unborn baby's dreams was just too much. Lisa Wilcox returns and is again great as Alice, but the magic that was in 'The Dream Master' just wasn't there for 'The Dream Child'. The supporting cast was halfway decent, but too many of the original elements that made the previous films a success were absent in this one. The kills, while very well designed and drawn up, were way off the mark. And there weren't enough of them!

The music failed on so many fronts, including Jay Ferguson's forgettable score and the awful early rap songs that never amounted to anything. Robert Englund was again 'the man' as Freddy, but the actor can only portray what is written, and he did the best he could with what he was given. I do like his cameo without the make-up at the asylum. It gave Freddy more depth and allowed us a rare glimpse at Freddy the man, before he became a monster, even if it wasn't acknowledged on-screen. I believe this is the film where Freddy transferred from demonic force to campy cliche, and it really accelerated the franchise's downfall. Definitely not the sequel I thought it would be. 3 out of 10.

A.J.: The only good thing about this movie is it continued from Part 4. The Dream Child thing is just about stupid. 5 out of 10.


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