1. What was Chip's father's occupation?

2. What happened to Chip's father that caused his family to move to Springwood?

3. What familiar feature did Alicia develop when she arrived in Chapter 5?

4. What type of business was Chip's mother opening in Springwood?

5. What reason did Al give for wanting to be the star quarterback?

6. What type of bed did Chip have?

7. Who was featured on the poster Chip hung on his bedroom wall?

8. What was Scott's theory behind the murders?

9. What did Chip find buried in the backyard while being chased by the hooded figure?

10. What was Alicia's nickname for Elm Street?


1. Chip's father was a janitor at Middleton High.
2. Chip's father died in a boiler explosion and was scalded to death at school.
3. Alicia developed a white streak of hair in Chapter 5, like Nancy Thompson.
4. Chip's mother opened a donut shop in Springwood.
5. Al wanted to be starting quarterback because it paid the most money.
6. Chip had a futon bed.
7. Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar was featured on Chip's poster.
8. Scott believed Freddy took over the bodies of the recently deceased.
9. Chip found the Alicia doll made by Evan Walker in 'Blind Date'.
10. Alicia called Elm Street 'The Devil's Playground'.

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