Matt: After the nightmare that was 'Blind Date' (pun intended), I thought maybe Bruce Richards would start fresh and go in another direction with this second novel. Sadly, he did not. And once again, I ended up highly disappointed. Richards chose to continue the weak storyline of the first novel, centering this time on a male character, the star quarterback nonetheless. He should have learned from the film series that the main element you cannot screw up in a 'Nightmare' story is having a female lead. Chip, although portrayed as tough and strong, came across as very shallow and weak, a mere shell of the Scott Martin character from the first novel. In addition to that, he left two very large open-ended storylines that I pray he does not go back to. And since when is there a cast iron stove in the bedroom? I was very bored with this work, especially because Freddy barely even makes a cameo appearance. Imagine that, a Freddy Krueger novel with hardly any Freddy Krueger? Just laughable. I called the first book a poor man's R.L. Stine, however, this book falls far from even achieving that distinction. There were no classic tributes to any of the Elm Street films, and Freddy's only chance at a one-liner was so cliche, I couldn't even bring myself to laugh. It was clear Richards did not study 'Freddy 101' before taking on any of his 'Tales Of Terror'. I can only hope the other authors do the series at least some justice. 1 out of 10.


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