1. Kincaid (Ken Sagoes)- Clawed in stomach
2. Joey (Rodney Eastman)- Clawed repeatedly, drowned in waterbed
3. Kristen (Tuesday Knight)- Burned to death in boiler
4. Sheila (Toy Newkirk)- Life sucked out of her by Freddy
5. Rick (Andras Jones)- Clawed in stomach
6. Debbie (Brooke Theiss)- Arms broken, turned into a roach and crushed to death

*NOTE: During the teens' arrival at school, Debbie steps on a cockroach and kills it after she finds it in her food. Also, Rick later shows up as a meatball in one of Alice's dreams and has his head punctured by Freddy's claw and is subsequently eaten by him.

*In the 1989 double-feature novelization of the fourth and fifth films, Rick's death is different. It doesn't feature the karate-style death; rather, he falls to his death down the elevator shaft created while he was dreaming in gym class.

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