1. When Alice falls out of the shower, she is naked. However, when she is lying on the ground, a green towel can be seen wrapped around her, and when she stands up, she is naked again.

2. During the graduation, while talking to Mark and Greta, Alice is seen holding the tickets to Europe before Dan has even given them to her. They disappear for a bit and then Dan gives them to her a little later in the scene.

3. When Alice walks through the park after graduation, the girls jumping rope sing the Freddy nursery rhyme. When they get to 7,8, they sing "Better Stay Up Late," when it is actually "Gonna Stay Up Late".

4. When Freddy is re-born and he says "It's A Boy!", his arms are noticeably too long.

5. There is a discrepancy in timing from the time Alice dials Dan, to when the phone actually rings for him at the pool.

6. When Freddy is in the truck with Dan and rips his own arm off, green ooze comes from the wound. However, in the close-up shot, the "ooze" is now green sewn fabric instead, attached to his sweater.

7. The lights on Dan's motorcycle turn on before he even turns the ignition key.

8. Throughout the entire bike sequence, the odometer remained at 9,850 miles.

9. The motorcycle also has a California tag, when it should have been Ohio.

10. The fake hand that the wires snake into was shot backwards and reversed, so you can see the holes where the wires are going to enter.

11. During one part of the motorcycle scene, Dan goes from the skeleton to his regular face, back to a skeleton again.

12. The entire skeleton was entirely too fake looking. They could have done better.

13. Alice screams "Dan!!!" in the diner, her mouth doesn't move.

14. When Greta falls asleep during the dinner party, some of the guests change what they have in their hands between shots.

15. Also in that scene, when Greta argues with her mother, watch when the camera goes to her mother for the second time. The black woman on the right puts her glass of wine on the table and it doesn't make any sound. However, when the camera faces Greta again, the same woman (on the left side of the screen now) has the glass again in her and and puts it down again, and this time the glass does make a sound.

16. When Freddy puts the first spoon of goo into Greta's mouth you can clearly see her spit it out, yet in the next shot of Greta, her mouth is already full. And the second time Freddy feeds her, the amount and color change from the closeup of Freddy to the closeup of Greta.

17. The mold shown on Alice's refrigerator was obviously fake.

18. What was a Chucky doll doing in a Freddy movie? It appears on the right side of the steps when Alice runs after Jacob in Mark's dream.

19. When Mark enters his comic book, it was too fake and noticeably computerized. Again, they could have done better with the $8 million budget they had.

20. After Mark is pulled into the comic book and the whole place collapses, blood falls on his head. In reality blood isn't that thick, and after Mark checks what it is the amount of blood on his cheek changes from the closeup to the wide shot.

21. When Freddy takes a bite out of the Greta doll in Mark's nightmare, white clothing can be seen behind the red goo when Freddy take a spoon out of the doll.

22. When Freddy slashes up Mark into pieces, there is no blood. Just paper and styrofoam fly all over the place and the ink disappears from Mark. I guess the ink symbolized blood, but come on, who wants to see ink disappear?

23. When Yvonne is trying to find Amanda, she comes across the bricked off area where the body is. She has a really hard time even getting the bricks to budge. However, later she goes crashing right through them rather easily as if they were wood painted to look like bricks.

24. When Alice is about to ram the spiked baby carriage into (and through) Freddy, you can see the tips of the spikes in Freddy's chest before the carriage even touches him.

25. Why would Freddy's arm stay broken? He always healed himself in every other movie.

26. The whole morphing scene with Alice is way too fake. You can see plastic is visible numerous times throughout the scene. Once again, with an $8 million budget, they could have done better.

27. Right before Freddy kisses Alice, look closely. You can clearly see one of his blades bend on his claw.

28. Near the end, when Freddy is holding Jacob's hand, you can clearly see Robert Englund's normal hand at the bottom of the glove. Freddy was completely burned so there should have been scar tissue instead of regular skin.

29. Lisa Wilcox's name appears on the opening credits, but not on the end credits.

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