1. In the beginning when Kristen is walking towards the little girl, she is facing her. But when she gets closer, she approaches from behind.

2. When Kristen is scared by the branch that looks like Freddy's claw, the shadow scraping against the window doesn't exactly match the tree branch.

3. Kristen's hair changes several times in the beginning basement scenes.

4. How could they not notice the claw mark on the lockers?

5. When Rick leaves the garage after practicing his karate, he leaves the radio on. However, at the volume he had it on, they should have been able to hear it in the house, and they couldn't.

6. When Neal buried Freddy's remains at the end of Dream Warriors, he buried them deep in the ground. However, when Kincaid's dog digs them up, he doesn't dig down that far to do so.

7. When Kincaid's dog pisses on Freddy's remains, you can notice that it is obviously fake.

8. When Freddy says, "You shouldn't have buried me, I'm not dead," look close at his silhouette. His lips never move.

9. When Kincaid pushes the car down onto Freddy, you can tell that the car falls onto a mannequin.

10. Whenever Freddy kills Joey, his headphones become forcibly unplugged from his stereo. Yet, after that happens, we hear no stereo. The system would not have turned off once the headphones were removed.

11. When Kristen lights a cigarette with a match before school, it doesn't ignite. She even inhales and exhales, but no smoke is visible.

12. When Kristen gets knocked unconscious at school, and the nurse wakes her up, you can obviously tell that it's Freddy dressed up.

13. When Kristen is talking to the real nurse after bumping her head, her hand is on her head in the wide shot but not during the close-up.

14. What are the odds that Alice would be sleeping at the same time in the afternoon as Kristen?

15. When Freddy says, "Alice, come to daddy," look closely. You will see that his lips never move.

16. When Dan enters the diner looking for Rick, the needle of the record player in the jukebox is on the paper label in the center, not in the grooves. Yet somehow the music is still playing.

17. After Sheila smears the blood on her paper, it's wet. But in the next shot the blood stain is dry and has changed formation.

18. Sheila's body looks too fake after Freddy sucks the life out of her.

19. When Alice and Dan crash his truck into Freddy, look closely. You can clearly see the chain attached to the back of Dan's truck when it gets smashed.

20. Also in that sequence, the camera crew is clearly reflected in Dan's truck several times.

21. What are the odds that they are studying about dreams in their class?

22. You can tell that when Alice is twirling the nun-chucks, that it is not Lisa Wilcox, but a stunt double. It's most noticeable from the back view-- their hair colors are different.

23. You can tell Debbie's arms are plastic when Freddy breaks them. In fact, the whole scene it just too fake in general.

24. How could Dan be hurt so bad from the crash, yet Alice is unscathed? The wreck hit the middle of the truck, which means that most likely, both of them would have been injured equally.

25. Also in the crash, look closely as soon as Alice crashes into Freddy. On the back of Dan's truck, you can see a wire that was used to control the truck.

26. When Alice leaves the hospital, a crew member is clearly reflected in the window of the car as she pulls away.

27. Why would Alice leave her back door open when no one was home?

28. When Alice is fighting Freddy in the church, Freddy says, "". But look closely. The lip movement doesn't match, and it looks like he is saying "I am forever" instead.

29. When Freddy fights Alice in the church, we see a close-up of Freddy taunting her and the little finger of the glove is missing and his bare, unburnt finger is clearly visible instead.

30. When Alice zaps Freddy with Sheila's bug zapper, it burns a hole through his body. Not only is it obvious that the hole isn't actually there but it is a cartoon effect superimposed over Freddy but when the camera goes away and then comes back, there is a panel of brightness at the top left hand corner of the effect so you can't see the Freddy jumper clearly.

31. In the 1989 double-feature novelization of the fourth and fifth films together, one of the insert photos is incorrect. It shows Freddy and Sheila's body after they "suck face", but it is described as "A horribly transformed Kristen faces Freddy for the final time".

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