1. What game was Joseph playing with the professor in the beginning of the film?

2. What was Joseph's connection to Jay Cho?

3. What was Joseph's chief talent?

4. What was the precinct number of Joseph's police station?

5. What was the name of the motel were Joseph met Daphne, and what was their room number?

6. What book was the evidence clerk reading when Joseph interrupted him?

7. What did the note say that Terry found on the hooker's body?

8. What type of car did Joseph drive?

9. What was the name of Joseph's parents' retirement home?

10. What was the real identity of Dr. Gregory?


1. Joseph and the professor played chess.
2. Joseph went to high school with Jay Cho.
3. Joseph's chief talent was solving puzzles.
4. Joseph worked at the 13th precinct.
5. Joseph and Daphne went to room 9 of the Sunrise Motel.
6. The evidence clerk was reading '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea'.
7. The note said, 'You win, Terry. I kept what I needed. The rest is yours".
8. Joseph drove a black Crown Victoria.
9. Joseph's parents stayed at the 'Colorado Convalescent Care' center.
10. Dr. Gregory was actually Pinhead.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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