1. What was the name of the abandoned art gallery where the pillar was found?

2. What channel was Joey a reporter for?

3. What did the neon light in the subway say?

4. What was the name of J.P. Monroe's club?

5. What was it that brought the Pillar Of Souls back to life?

6. How did Joey learn about the history of the puzzle box?

7. What book did Terri read while staying at Joey's apartment?

8. What did the note say that Terri left for Joey?

9. What was Pinhead's real name?

10. What other horror franchise is homaged during the street battle?


1. The Pyramid art gallery is where the pillar was found.
2. Joey was a reporter for Channel 8.
3. The subway light read, 'Prepare For The Second Coming!'.
4. J.P. Monroe owned 'The Boiler Room'.
5. J.P.'s blood brought the Pillar Of Souls back to life.
6. Joey found the files and tapes from the Channard Institute.
7. Terri read 'Battles Of The 20th Century' at Joey's apartment.
8. Terri's note read, 'Enjoy Monterey, You Liar'.
9. Pinhead's real name was Elliott Spencer.
10. The 'Elm Street Cafe' was shown during the street battle.

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