1. What was unique about the ink and typewriter paper used by the Auditor?

2. What famous Beethoven composition was featured at the house in the film?

3. According to Christine, where did she work prior to becoming a detective?

4. Where did the detectives find the severed hands and jars of blood?

5. What was the connection between all of Carl's female victims?

6. What was the name of the website found on Carl's computer?

7. How old was Sean when he first harmed an animal?

8. What famous book ended up being a vital clue to solving the mystery?

9. What was the address of The Perceptor's warehouse hideout?

10. According to Ecclesiastes 13:7 of the Hebrew bible, what does the name Perceptor mean?


1. The typewriter paper used by the Auditor was made of flesh and the ink was blood.
2. Beethoven's 'Fur Elise' was featured at the house.
3. Christine said she worked forensics for two years before becoming a detective.
4. The detectives found the severed hands and jars of blood at the Kids First Park.
5. All of Carl's female victims attended Chase Terrace Academy.
6. Carl's computer was left on the 'Under Age Teen Extreme' website.
7. Sean was only four when he first hit his pet dog.
8. Charles Dickens' 'A Tale Of Two Cities' was the book that eventually outed Sean as The Perceptor.
9. The Perceptor's warehouse hideout was located at 12437 Gladstone.
10. According to Ecclesiastes 13:7 of the Hebrew bible, the name Perceptor means 'Teacher'.

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