1. Writer Peter Atkins was originally meant to direct the film, but when Miramax bought the series, they felt he didn't have enough experience so Anthony Hickox was hired instead.

2. The band appearing at the Boiler Room is Armored Saint performing the song, 'Hanging Judge'.

3. Peter Jackson was initially asked to direct the film, but he declined.

4. The scene in the construction yard takes place on the campus of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The building under construction would later become the Worrell Professional Center.

5. In an homage to the the first 'Hellraiser movie', J.P says, "Come to Daddy" to Terri, which is Frank's famous line from the first movie.

6. The initial poster artwork featured a side shot of Pinhead's screaming face. The MPAA said the artwork was too intense and asked that Pinhead be removed from the poster campaign. Miramax instead decided to use a composite photo of Pinhead from the original 'Hellraiser' poster and successfully argued that it was suitable as it had already been used in the past. The MPAA finally relented and allowed the new poster art to be used.

7. Zach Galligan makes a cameo as a murder victim that gets a pool stick in the stomach during the Boiler Room Club massacre. Galligan had worked with Anthony Hickox in 'Waxwork' and 'Waxwork II: Lost In Time'.

8. After Joey sees the false news broadcast about the events at the Boiler Room club, she calls Doc and tells him to turn to channel 12. While Doc is switching channels, we see the previously mentioned cameo by director Anthony Hickox, as well as a quick scene from Hickox's 'Waxwork II: Lost in Time'.

9. In 1990, Trans Atlantic Enetertainment's Larry Kuppin successfully picked up the rights to any further 'Hellraiser' and 'Children Of The Corn' sequels when New World Pictures went bankrupt.

10. This film marked the first time in the 'Hellraiser' franchise that the Lead Cenobite (Doug Bradley) was referred to as Pinhead.

11. Director Anthony Hickox makes a cameo appearance twice in the film-- once during a brief segment on a TV talk show, and later as a soldier in one of Joey's Vietnam dreams.

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