NOTE: 'Hellraiser: Bloodline' was brutally chopped and re-edited from top to bottom, ordered by the studio just as filming was nearly complete. The film was originally never supposed to be 'Hellraiser In Space', but an equal anthology of three interwoven storylines, shifting from past, present to future. This caused original director Kevin Yagher to abandon the project before it was finished, and Joe Chappelle was brought in for clean-up. Below are some of the original scenes intended by Yagher, but later excised by Chappelle per the studio's orders.


1. Originally, the film began with Duc De L'Isle and Jacques summoning Angelique using black magic, not the puzzle box.


2. There was a scene cut right after Phillip Lemarchand completes the puzzle box. In it, his wife Genevieve finds him with it, and tells him it is rather dull. Undeterred, Phillip decides to take it Duc right away.


3. A scene was cut where Phillip is visited by his friend Auguste, who gives him the idea to design the Elysian Configuration. As he completes his work, Angelique visits him in his home. She attempts to seduce Phillip and invites him to a great party at the chateau, where she promises him much more work and riches. They are then interrupted by Genevieve and Angelique leaves. As she does, she passes Auguste, who warns Phillip about her, saying that he has heard about the Gamblers going missing. Concerned, Auguste offers to help Phillip in his quest. As Auguste heads home, he is watched by Angelique through the eyes of a crow. He then meets a troupe of travelling clowns, who offer to perform for him. Caught up in the performance, Auguste is thrown into a gaping maw of hell. Later that night, as Phillip prepares to attend the ball, Genevieve begs him to stay and reveals she is pregnant. Phillip still insists on going.


4. Phillip arrives at the chateau party, and is greeted by both Jacques and De L'Isle. They escort him inside to meet his true patron, Angelique, who is entertaining a group of Gamblers in an adjacent room. After taking the Lament Configuration and thanking him, Jacques escorts Phillip out, but he is clearly not satisfied. Lemarchand then goes back to the window and looks inside to see what's really going on. Inside, he sees Angelique kissing the Lament Configuration to make it "complete", and offers the gamblers a game. For each movement of the box the Gamblers can make, she will remove an item of clothing. Eventually, they open the box and Angelique gets naked and transforms into her demonic form. In total shock, the Gamblers are restrained and the chandelier bends into four metal spikes that fall and impale them. Phillip runs away.


5. Phillip later finds Angelique at the mansion party, and she takes him into the Ante Room. There, she kisses him and tries to seduce him before four masked figures appear and escort her back to the party, leaving Lemarchand alone. At the same, Genevieve leaves her home and heads to the chateau to bring her husband home.


6. After the ball is over, Duc De L'Isle confronts Phillip, asking him if Angelique tasted like vanilla. He shows Phillip the pentagram he used to summon Angelique and tells him that the Lament Configuration was built to replace it. However, De L'Isle says he is not ready to retire and attempts to kill Phillip, who falls into the pentagram. At that point, he is saved by Angelique, who grabs De L'Isle and throws him out a window.


7. After Angelique throws De L'Isle through the window, she turns her attention Phillip, who is safe from the pentagram. She again tries to seduce him with both pleasure and fortune, but he refuses and she decides to torment him instead. Her Zombie-Clowns appear and roll a drum toward Phillip that is made of the face of his friend Auguste. A desperate Phillip declares he has designed the Elysian Configuration and it can undo the Box. Angelique's guests then appear and remove their masks. They are the four Gamblers, now turned into Zombie-Gamblers, similar to early versions of the Cenobites. Angelique continues to threaten Phillip further.


8. Genevieve finally arrives at the chateau and finds Phillip tortured and barely clinging to life. As she comforts him, Angelique and her Zombie-Gamblers appear, wanting to kill the unborn child to prevent the bloodline from being reborn. However, as Angelique prepares to kill her, De L'Isle grabs her from behind and drags her into the pentagram. He then banishes her to hell with an incantation. The room is then shown to be empty, and Phillip, De L'Isle and the Zombie-Gamblers are also gone. Scared out of her mind, Genevieve flees to America.


9. After Pinhead is destroyed, there was a scene cut back on Earth, where Angelique is summoned Jacques. As she stands there horrified, Jacques tells her that he as learned from Duc De L'Isle and promises never to make the same mistake of standing in hell's way ever again.


10. There was an additional scene of Dr. Merchant in the space station before the arrival of Rimmer and her crew. In it, he wakes from a nightmare about John's death with a full head of hair and speaks to a priest via hologram. He then asks him to pray for his whole bloodline and shaves his head.


11. When John originally wakes from his nightmare, there was more shown of him soothing Jack and his wife. It was cut for timing issues.


12. After Angelique summons Pinhead, John has two more nightmares. In one, Angelique tempts, then kills the Gamblers as shown above. In the other, De L'Isle tries to kill Phillip after telling him that he plans to send Angelique back to hell for fear that Phillip's puzzle box will replace his own black magic.


13. In present day, a scene was cut where Angelique reveals to John that she wants him to use the Elysian Configuration to defeat those that would subjugate her (i.e. Pinhead and the Cenobites) and in the process, become more than a demon, but turn into a god instead.


14. During his speech, John is so distracted by Angelique that he can't even continue. Instead, he attempts to demonstrate the Elysian Configuration, and it lights up for a few seconds, but then quits.


15. There was a storyline cut where Angelique tries to use the prototype of the Elysian Configuration to kill Pinhead in present day. Angered by this, Pinhead summons the hooks and chains to drag Angelique into the light. As this happens, he takes sexual delight in the torture, and licks the hook clean. He then senses she has a secret through tasting her blood, but the scene then cuts out before she dies. Bobbi then banishes them all back to hell.


16. Originally, in the elevator, Jack falls way too fast and gets scared. Angelique, who has taken Jack, forces John to use the Elysian Configuration against Pinhead. It works briefly, pinning Pinhead to the ceiling by his own chains, but, again, the light extinguishes after a few seconds and Pinhead breaks free. Angelique is then trapped with hooks and chains, but, the rest happens as it did theatrically, with John being killed by Pinhead and Bobbi sending Pinhead and Angelique back to hell. One additional line during the scene was spoken by Angelique, as she tells Pinhead he must kill Jack and sever the bloodline. This was spoken right after Pinhead tells her that John's knowledge is dangerous. However, they are sent back to hell before he can go through with it.


17. After the Twins Cenobite tear apart from each other and crush Edwards, they originally had a line where they said they can't stand being separated from each other.


18. The last part of the film is very much the same as the theatrical print, but Paul does not tell his story to Rimmer. Also, the final confrontation features all the Cenobites and Angelique attempting to get Paul to join her again. He refuses and stays on board the SS Minos and dies alongside Pinhead and the Cenobites, thus ending the bloodline forever.

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