1. Originally, Carl Watkins' death scene was much longer and much more graphic. The Butcher stares him down before The Surgeon finally emerges and carves him up, including his entire upper torso After all is said and done, his body is carried away by The Butcher.


2. In this scene, Christine goes to an empty church for some reflection. Once there, she hears some noises and then takes a look at the crucifix, and it is bleeding. Then, just like that, the blood disappears. It was then she realized that Sean was there, too, and they strike up a conversation. She tells him, "you didn't strike me as the religious type". To which he replies, "There's no atheists in the foxholes, you know?" Christine then explains that she was never very religious, but when she went for the holidays, she always found it to be comforting. She then says she could never wrap her head around the "Old Testament stuff". Sean then goes on to tell her about his father, who was a "quiet guy, blue collar, no nonsense, hard-working". One time, when he was 12, he asked his father if he believed in God. His father responded with "It doesn't matter. I guarantee you, sometime in your life, you will pray to him, and you will hope with all your heart that he is listening". The scene then ends with Sean telling her that it didn't make a lot of sense when he was 12, but it does now. It was obviously cut for timing.


3. According to writer/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe, the one scene deemed too extreme by the studio and cut down considerably was the scene where Sean is drunk and runs into the Vagrant and the Jury women in the alleyway. Originally, the scene ran much longer and was more intense. Sean wanders the alleyway and slams into the Vagrant, who quotes a line from 'A Tale Of Two Cities' and then shows him two men, each wearing a pig mask, having sex with a woman– one in front getting oral, one penetrating her from behind. She looks back at Sean and, wiping her mouth, reveals herself to be his wife Alison. Sean staggers back shocked, trips and falls to the floor; he then hears a noise and we reveal the Jury pulling a lament configuration puzzle box out of a disemboweled goat. The vagrant reaches up and pulls his skin from his face, grabs the box and speaking (with The Auditor's voice) says, "Judgment to those who open the box", then hits him with it. According to Tunnicliffe, “it was meant to be disjointed, bizarre, and nightmarish, showing that Sean’s world was being torn apart, undone by his experiences at the house within the hellish dimension." It was ultimately reduced and edited down to what was finally seen in the video release.


4. One scene that never made it onto the screen was when Sean was having visions of the Cenobites while he was making love with Alison. Tunnicliffe explains that "we kept cutting back and forth; it originally had several false endings with one where his wife ‘goes down on him’ and after he climaxes she looks up at him, but it’s now his brother looking back, smiling." It was never even filmed.

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