1. How could Jay Cho have solved the puzzle box AND managed to balance a lit candle on top of it so neatly?

2. If Joseph and Daphne got a non-smoking room, why were there ashtrays in there?

3. During the close-up shot of Daphne hung in the shower, look closely. You will see her chest rising as she breathes.

4. When Joseph looks at the coke sniffer at the hotel, it changes positions between shots.

5. In the close up of Joseph dropping his keys in a dish near the beginning of the movie, the keys shown are for a Dodge, when in fact, he drives a Crown Victoria.

6. When tapping the vial of cocaine in the opening scene, the vial is oriented cap down. But when they cut to a different angle, it is seen cap up.

7. When waiting to turn left at the intersection in front of the cops, a close-up of the car's speedometer console shows no illumination, yet the car's headlights are on.

8. When Joseph first finds the box at Jay Cho's house, there is a candle on top containing a child's finger. Later in the movie, it is revealed to be his own finger as a child and that he is trapped in hell. However, at the time the initial finger is found, he had not yet opened the box, and therefore had not yet condemned himself to hell.

9. When the Wire Twin Cenobites rip into Tony's chest and back, look closely. It is obviously fake, and more than likely due to budgetary restrictions.

10. If Joseph was the only one who solved the box following Jay's murder, why would the Cenobites come after everyone else he held dear and not just him?

EXPLANATION: In Joseph's mind, that would have been his worst nightmare, so that's what ultimately happened.

11. Whenever Joseph's parents were in peril, she calls out to him by using his first and last name. Why would she do that?

12. If Melanie and Chloe truly became part of the Pillar Of Souls, they would have been absorbed into the pillar and died immediately, not merely used as bait.

EXPLANATION: Again, in Joseph's mind, that would have been his worst nightmare, so Pinhead made it reality.

13. The original description of the film says it tells the story of an "L.A." detective, but Joseph works for the Denver police department in Colorado.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the original idea was for the film to take place in Los Angeles, but for whatever reason it was changed, and nobody told the publicist.

14. Actress Sasha Barrese is credited at the beginning of the movie as 'Sasha Berrese'. Later, during the end credits, the error is corrected.

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