1. Actor Mickey Cottrell is credited at the beginning of the movie as "Mickey Cotrell". At the end of the movie, however, when the credits roll, the error is corrected.

2. In the beginning, when Merchant is operating his virtual robot, the camera noticeably slows down.

3. As Angelique says to Pinhead, "Things seem to have changed" she is standing in front of him. Then, as Pinhead responds, "Hell is more ordered", she is now standing closer and to his side. This is because the original filmed line was, "Things seem to have changed, I was expecting my clowns", in reference to Demon Clowns that were cut from the film. Cutting "I was expecting my clowns" means her position 'jumps' closer to Pinhead and creates this continuity error.

4. In the drawing room, as a secretary tells John a lady is there to see him, there is a man in a gray suit working behind Merchant at a desk. In between shots, as Merchant is turning his head, the man goes from being at the desk to walking offscreen to the left.

5. When the floor plans are reviewed by the twin security guards halfway through the movie, the word 'Air Conditioning' is misspelled as 'Air Conditionioning'.

6. When Lemarchand is offended by his wife's comments and puts the Lament Configuration into his travel chest, a section of the gold veneer on it has bent upwards.

7. After the chain goes through John's throat, in the shot where the blades open up, the wires used to open the blades are visible. Just before the chain is pulled back, there is another shot of the blades and the wires are gone.

8. As Bobbi sends the Chatter Beast back to hell, she holds up the puzzle box and shouts, "Does this pathway work both ways?!". As she says this, the shot zooms in and then back out and as it does, the puzzle box changes position in her hand. In the wide shot, she is holding it with the large gold dial pointed at the Chatter Beast. But in the close-up shot, it is a small brown circle pointed at the Chatter Beast instead.

9. When the Lament Configuration shoots chains out at Sharpe and the gateway opens, look at the box in the wide shot. You will see that there are actually no chains coming from it at all.

10. When the puzzle box is solved, it never magically left anyone's hand during any of the previous 'Hellraiser' films.

11. What are the odds that the actual puzzle box would be entombed inside the structure of the high-rise building?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps it was snuck into the floor plans by someone connected to the Cenobites, or included in Merchant's design hoping it would never be recovered.

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