1. Pinhead is able to return to earth in the form of the Pillar Of Souls, which rose up out of the mattress at the very end of 'Hellbound'. However, that statue was made of wood and was covered with living images of hell, while the statue in this film is about four feet taller, and now magically made of marble.

2. When Joey bursts into the ER room, she witnesses a patient's head explode. However, as she staggers out, the patient can be seen lying on the gurney with his head very much intact.

3. When Terri tries to leave the hospital, Joey stops her and asks her about the boy with the chains attached to him. Terri is standing right in front of a pair of double doors while she is speaking. Joey is then distracted and hurries back to the room with the injured boy, and in the background we see Terri hesitate for a second before starting to back up and go slightly through the same double doors. After that, when the camera does a close up on Terri, she is still standing hesitating in front of the doors and is a little further forward than she was before. She then backs up and exits through the doors again.

4. When Joey is sitting down inside the bus, she is resting her head on a window and is startled by someone banging on the window. The camera shows a haggard man banging and groaning for about two seconds in frame, yet this is impossible as the bus Is moving the entire time. The man would have to have been an extremely fast runner to do what he was doing, all the while remaining in constant speed with the bus.

5. When Sandy is absorbed by the Pillar Of Souls, the sculpted face of Pinhead opens its eyes and starts screaming. Sandy's face is only about one foot away from him. Seconds later, during the shot in which she is torn apart, this distance has increased considerably, for no apparent reason.

6. When J.P. is asking Terri to get close to him, the shadow of the boom mic can be seen on the Pillar Of Souls.

7. In the scene where Joey is watching the asylum video, it suddenly cuts to Elliott, who tells her that the woman subject in the video is telling the truth. She rewinds the tape, but the screen is now blank. However, in the reflection of her glasses, you can clearly see that Elliott is still on the screen.

8. Also in that scene, Kirsty says on the tape that she "doesn't know what else to call them". How can this be, when she repeatedly referred to them as the Cenobites during 'Hellbound'?

9. When Pinhead is just about to start killing everyone in the Boiler Room, a man catches the first hooked chain that Pinhead unleashes. Yet, when you look closely, you see the man is holding a chain, but no hook, but rather a piece of wire.

10. Why would Joey tell Doc to turn to Channel 12 instead of their own station, Channel 8?

11. When Joey goes to meet Doc at the Boiler Room and drives her car past his, you can see Doc's car door is open. However, when she goes over to his car, that door is shut and she has to open it to look inside.

12. When Joey finds the bodies in the back of the Boiler Room, the one with the pool balls in his mouth can be seen breathing (his chest rising) as she walks by.

13. When the Barbie Cenobite breaks through the brick wall, if you look closely, you can see he touches the bricks and they wobble.

14. When Pinhead is in the church, he stands behind the table and the candle to the right of him is straight. Then, when he pushes the cross off the front, look at the candle. It is now on a slant. A split second later, the candle is straight again as if it had never been touched.

15. When Pinhead arrives at the church, he made a metal cross melt over the hands of the priest. But later, when he gave the same priest a piece of his body to eat, the clergyman clearly has both his hands in perfect shape, free from any melted metal or burns.

16. At the end of the film, Pinhead tricks Joey into giving him the puzzle box by posing as her dead father. As soon as she hands the box over, he takes a knife from his belt with his left hand and poises to strike. it then cuts to a shot from behind, only this time he's gripping the knife with his right hand.

17. At one point, Pinhead pulls nails from his head. These nails not only miraculously grow back, but are much longer than the ones we saw hammered in at the beginning of 'Hellbound'.

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