1. During the interview between the Auditor and Carl, there is a pan out view and to the bottom of the screen, there is a straight-edge razor. The Auditor opens that razor as if it were closed, and it makes a clicking sound as he holds it to his face just before standing up. However, in the next shot, the razor is closed and on the table. And, the shot after that, he opens it once again, with the same clicking sound.

2. The address 55 Ludovico Place, while a nice nod to the original film, really has no meaning here. If they were trying to tell us that the house in this film is the same house from that film, they did a really bad job.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the producers were implying that the address '55 Ludovico Place' could be universal when describing whatever house the Cenobites choose to inhabit.

3. Despite the house being shown as a rather large one with many rooms, the way they filmed made it look very small on the inside, like all the action was taking place in one room transformed into many.

EXPLANATION: With the limited budget, this very well could have been the case.

4. What is up with Pinhead's voice? I know, I know. It's not right to expect Doug Bradley, but they could have done much better than what ultimately ended up on-screen.

5. Where was the Auditor before this film, and why would Pinhead work with him all of a sudden?

6. In this film, the victims are summoned to the house after solving the puzzle box. In the previous films, the Cenobites came to you no matter where you were when you solved the box.

7. Why wasn't the Assessor also a Cenobite or undergo any transformation whatsoever when he joined the Stygian Inquisition?

8. Why does it seem like the Cenobites own the house and took up residence there?

9. When did it become so easy to solve the puzzle box?

10. Why weren't the Chatterer or Butterball involved more in the story? Or the Female Cenobite or Twins for that matter? It just seems like they were thrown in as a cameo and to "decorate" the house.

11. When Sean is on the phone with the coroner, it is painfully obvious there is no one on the other end of the line. This happens again later when Sean and Christine arrive at the warehouse and he supposedly calls for backup.

12. When David is on the phone with Allison, the light on his phone goes out, indicating the action on the phone has ended and the phone is idle. However, he just keeps on talking.

13. How did Christine manage to get 7 shots out of a 6 shot gun?

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