1. According to Nica, what was the subject of her thesis in college?

2. What TV show did Sarah DVR to watch with Nica?

3. What was the name of the assisted living facility Barb tried to get Nica to move to?

4. What was Ian's occupation?

5. What did Chucky put in Father Frank's chili that led to his death?

6. What was significant about the relationship between Barb and Jill?

7. How did Ian discover Barb's secret?

8. What was the name of Father Frank's church?

9. What was Sarah's chief hobby?

10. What was Chucky's connection to Nica's disability?


1. Nica did her college thesis on completion anxiety.
2. Sarah recorded 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County'.
3. Barb wanted Nica to move to the 'Dawning Day' assisted living facility.
4. Ian was a barista at Starbucks.
5. Chucky poisoned Father Frank's chili with 'Vetox' rat poison.
6. Barb and Jill were having an affair on the side.
7. Ian hid a tiny camera on Chucky and recorded Barb and Jill's affair on tape.
8. Father Frank was pastor at St. Paul's Church.
9. Sarah loved to paint, particularly sunflowers.
10. Chucky caused Nica's paralysis by stabbing her mother in the stomach the night he was gunned down.

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