1. Fiona Dourif, the actress who plays Nica, is the real life daughter of Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky.

2. According to Brad Dourif, he had to wear a wig and massive amounts of make up to make him look like he did in the original 'Child's Play' (1988) movie. Lighting was also a huge factor.

3. The knife Charles Lee Ray uses during the flashback sequence is the same knife Chucky uses throughout the first Child's Play movie.

4. Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky) recorded all of his lines in less than a day.

5. Director Don Mancini described this film as his first real horror film as a director, since 'Seed Of Chucky' (2004) was more of a comedy in his eyes.

6. This is the first film in the series to have Charles Lee Ray featured in it since the original.

7. Only four of the eight of Chucky's staple scars are unearthed in the attic scene that existed from Bride of Chucky. There are three more on his head and one on his right hand.

8. The producers set up a practical joke at a bus stop to help promote the film. A billboard of the movie's poster would light up and an actor dressed as Chucky would suddenly bust through the billboard and scare whoever was nearby.

9. This was the first film in the series to be shot entirely on digital format, not film.

10. Nica's older sister Barb's full name is revealed to be Barbie (like another famous doll).

11. Amelia Jackson-Gray and Jacinta Yelland also auditioned for the role of Nica.

12. When production was first announced, Scott Patterson was strongly rumored to have a role in this film, but nothing ever surfaced.

13. This is the first film since Part 3 to show Chucky communicating with a child.

14. When Nica and Jiil are discussing where the doll came from. Jill says that she doesn't care if Chucky came from the Manson family. Well, according to director Don Mancini, Chucky's full name Charles Lee Ray came from three real life killers: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

15. The elevator in the house is an homage to the one used in the original film at the Barclay's apartment complex.

16. The film makes numerous references to each of the previous movies, including Tiffany, Jennifer Tilly, the military academy, the Kincaids and the Barclays.

17. Though not seen, Andy's mother is mentioned by Andy and it is assumed she is either married or in a relationship with Mike Norris. It is also implied that Karen got cleared between the second film and this one.

18. The scene where Barbie scolds Alice for swearing is similar to the original film, where Karen confronts Andy after thinking he was saying something terrible about Maggie Peterson's death.

19. During the scene where Chucky locks Alice in the closet and uses the F word, Alice tells Chucky to stop cursing, which his similar to 'Child's Play 3', where after his attempt to possess Tyler fails, Chucky says The S word and Tyler tells him to stop swearing.

20. At several points during filming, Chucky's face had to be covered with tape because it legitimately scared Summer Howell, the actress who played Alice.

21. This marks the first time in the series that a child does not catch on to Chucky's game.

22. When Jill is being electrocuted, the burning that takes place on her face is around her right eye, mirroring the damage Chucky had shown around his in the previous two films.

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