1. There was an establishing shot filmed showing Nica climbing out of bed and getting dressed. She then gets into her chair and rolls over to her mirror, where she looks at herself and puts her earrings in. It was probably done to show her disability, but ran way too long and was cut.


2. There was a scene cut showing Nica locking herself in the bathroom and having a cigarette, opening the window to try to hide it. It was more than likely added to show how frustrated Nica had become with her life, but at that point, they really didn't need it.


3. There was an extension of the scene cut where Alice and Jill were looking for Chucky. Barb is on the couch with Ian, who is asleep. Alice asks Jill if she found him, and Jill complains to Barb that she can't find him. Then, Barb looks at Ian, then back at Jill, and, with a seductive look on her face, tells her to check the kitchen.


4. There was a flashback scene cut that basically exposed Charles Lee Ray as the killer of Nica's father. In it, her father is walking home in a damp, dreary night and Charles pulls up next to him in his car. Charles then offers a ride, and Nica's father initially rejects it, but then changes his mind and hops in. He thanks Charles, who tells him, "my friends call me Chucky".

BURNED (0:46)

5. There was a scene extension cut that explains how Officer Stanton got the call to show up at the house. In it, Jill's body, already dead and electrocuted, engulfs in flames and sets off the smoke alarm, prompting an automatic call to 911. Then, as Chucky slips in blood and Nica barricades herself in the elevator, Stanton gets the call on his radio and wonders, "what the f*ck is going on?"


6. A longer version of Nica's ride to jail was shortened for pacing. In it, Officer Stanton and Nica have a lengthy conversation, and Stanton tells her, "in ancient Egypt, the criminally insane weren't executed or incarcerated...they were dismembered so they couldn't hurt anyone. But also so people could see with their own eyes the monsters that live among us". Nica continues to deny that she killed them and responds with, "What was the penalty in ancient Egypt for being an a$$hole?". Stanton then smugly states, "I only wish they could send you to a hell even worse than that chair". Nica then gets the final word with a smile, telling Stanton, "f*ck you".

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