1. When Nica goes to investigate the screams in the beginning of the movie, as she opens and closes the door, she appears to be moving in a way that implies she is standing and not sitting in the wheelchair.

2. When Alice goes to the bathroom and gets up from the toilet to investigate the reason the curtain is moving, when she stands up she takes a deep breath through her nose but it sounds as if its coming from her mouth.

3. How could Tiffany have done all that shipping of Chucky without a return address on any of the boxes?

4. If Nica was paralyzed, how could she have been standing to check on Sarah?

5. How would Jill know to show Alice the way to the bathroom, when they arrived at the house at the exact same time?

6. If Father Frank really ingested rat poison, he should have gone into convulsions and died on the spot. Although he did sweat profusely, it wasn't nearly convincing enough.

7. After Chucky uses the rat poison, Nica comes back and closes the cabinet where the box of rat poison is shown as being still brand new and unopened whereas there was a big tear previously.

8. It is painfully obvious throughout the film when the Chucky doll is an actual doll with makeup and when it was done with CGI. The look is completely different.

9. When Nica is googling information on Niagara Falls, it is misspelled as 'Niagra Falls'.

10. When we see Jill's webcam image on the remote laptop during the electrocution scene it is from Chucky's point of view and not her laptop's webcam.

11. Why wouldn't Alice have woken up and noticed Jill's dead body?

12. If Chucky had makeup painted on to cover up his stitch marks, then how could he accurately make any facial expressions?

13. In the BBQ scene, young Barb has brown eyes, but older Barb has green eyes.

14. When Barb loses her eye and it falls down the steps, it is obviously fake (and the wrong color! Barb had green eyes, not blue).

15. Even wearing ear plugs, Ian should have been able to hear Nica's screams.

16. Why couldn't Nica or Ian see Chucky hiding around the corner on their way to the garage? He was right there in plain view.

17. If Chucky was in the passenger's seat, then who was revving the engine? And why did the smoke from the silencer have a constant flow?

18. How could Chucky hope to transfer his soul into Alice without touching her? He needed to either place his hand on her forehead or to use the Heart of Damballa amulet.

19. When Nica crawls to the elevator to escape Chucky, she bends her legs in order to shut the elevator door.

20. In the flashback scene where it shows the past dinner party with Charles in the background, it shows a close-up of Charles with Ray-Ban sunglasses on. If you look closely, there's a P (Polarized) on the sunglasses, which didn't come out until sometime after 2010.

21. When the flashback of Sarah's death is shown, Chucky's face has stitches. However, those stitches aren't revealed until later on, when Barb removes his plastic skin halfway through the movie, not when he killed Sarah.

22. If Ian wired a hidden camera to Chucky the entire film, it was beyond me, because there was no evidence of a camera on the doll whatsoever, including when he was submitted as evidence to the court during Nica's trial.

23. With Chucky being in the doll so long, he should have bled out and not had stuffing come out of him.

24. When Chucky walks down the stairs at different points throughout the film, you can tell it is an actor dressed up.

25. Wouldn't Alice have emerged from her hiding place once she heard all the screams and knew something was wrong?

26. Why was there no evidence of sunflowers in the original 'Child's Play' film? Surely Detective Norris would have mentioned it.

27. Why did it take Chucky 25 years to look for the Pierce family? Why didn't he come for them sooner if they were his 'favorite'?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps he got so obsessed with getting out of the doll's body, he put them on the back-burner until he could find a more opportune time to strike.

28. Why would Chucky just give up at the end of the film and not try to finish the job of killing Nica?

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