1. There was an alternate opening cut from the very beginning which plays the Shelley Fabares song "Johnny Angel", and shows a home-video quality picnic of what is believed to be the Myers family. Off in the distance, there is a little boy who keeps shooing the camera away, and when the camera zooms in on his face, it becomes clearly evident that it is indeed Michael Myers as a young boy.


2. There is a scene in which Freddie is getting interviewed on a talk show, promoting "Dangertainment," and the upcoming webcast.


3. After Myles gets Sara's e-mail, there is a scene in which Michael is walking through the woods. He comes to a clearing and finds a red Firebird and a tent. This is the same Firebird that Nora says she had towed away, and the same one that Sara looks at funny as it is towed away on the final cut. Anyways, inside the tent, two teens have sex. Soon after, the girl hears something and tells the boy to go check it out. After a few seconds, the girl goes outside, and the boy comes out of the woods, saying that there's nothing there. Then suddenly, the Firebird revs up and Michael drives off into the night.


4. As Sara drives to the Inn on her motorcycle, Michael begins to follow her in the Firebird. She pulls over and tells the car to pass, but the car revs up, and suddenly stops. Sara then starts to drive into the woods, and Michael follows her. Sara finally loses him and drives off.


5. When the gang first meets at the Inn, the dialogue was heavily cut. Between interviews, the people that weren't being interviewed would chat. After everyone got interviewed, they get their room keys, the guys in one room, and the girls in another. The interviews themselves were also cut, as there was much more dialogue with each character being interviewed.


6. Later that night, as the girls are in bed, the guys sneak in through a window with beer and food. They start to have a small party, when suddenly, the Camaro pulls into the alley behind the motel, and Michael watches through the girls' window. There is also a brief aside where Sara mentions to Jen that she wants to drop out.


7. There was a scene cut where Michael pulls up to the Myers House in the Firebird. You even hear the distinct "beep beep" heard from the car alarm! The scene was cut for being too silly.


8. During the technical setup of the house and garage, there was a scene cut where Charley and Max are taking some equipment in. As they reach the garage, Charley tells Max that he "forgot the princess' cappuccino machine".


9. There is a scene cut where Freddie and Nora arrive in the control room (garage), and Freddie asks Nora if she took care of the night vision. Nora says she got it "so covered", and shows Freddie the control room. He tells her and the technician Max how good they did.


10. There was a scene cut where Scott and Miles show up at the Myers House on their bikes watching the events unfold before the contestants arrive. As they watch, Nora and Freddie stand guard nearby and observe the crew unloading some equipment into the house and garage.


11. After Sara is freed from the closet, they find a photo album. It shows Michael as a baby, and other pictures, including Michael chained up.


12. There is a scene cut at the very end where Freddie tells Sara she did surprise herself, and that if he could, he would "give back every single dollar he ever made to take this all back".


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