1. What was the name of the FBI Agent who they used as bait?

2. Where were Jason's remains taken after they blew him up?

3. What was the name of the TV show that does the story on Jason soon after the morgue murders?

4. Why did the hitchhiking teenagers want to go to Camp Crystal Lake?

5. Why was Jason after Diana, Jessica and her baby?

6. What was the name of the stray dog Diana fed outside the diner?

7. What was the name of Jessica and Steven's daughter?

8. What was Creighton Duke's motive for helping to destroy Jason?

9. How many people did the Jason demon possess?

10. Who made a surprise appearance at the end of the movie?


1. The FBI Agent's name was Agent Marcus, code name "Bait".
2. Jason's remains were flown to the federal morgue in Youngstown, Ohio.
3. The TV show was "American Casefile", hosted by Robert Campbell.
4. The teenagers planned to "smoke dope, have pre-marital sex, and not worry about getting slaughtered."
5. Diana was Jason's half-sister, and he needed either Diana, Jessica or the baby to be re-born.
6. Tango was the name of the dog that Diana fed outside the diner.
7. Steven and Jessica's daughter was named Stephanie.
8. Creighton Duke was after Jason because Jason killed his fiancee.
9. Five people were possessed (The Coroner, Josh, Robert Campbell, Officer Randy, and Diana). After the demon left Randy, it went into Diana and Jason was re-born.
10. Freddy Krueger emerged from hell and took Jason's mask back with him.

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