1. What was the name of Jim and Suzi's boat?

2. Where did Jason get his new mask?

3. What was the name of the cruise ship?

4. What was the name of their high school?

5. What did Sean give to Rennie as a graduation present?

6. What did Miss Van Deusen give to Rennie as a gift and what was its significance?

7. How did Rennie first encounter Jason?

8. Who was the last person to believe Jason was on the ship?

9. How did Rennie and Sean escape Jason's wrath?

10. In what city was the movie actually filmed in?


1. Jim & Suzi's boat was called the 'Lady Drifter'.
2. He got it from Jim. It was supposed to be an exact replica. (Lame!)
3. The cruise ship was the S.S. Lazarus.
4. Their high school was Lakeview High.
5. Sean gave Rennie a necklace of the Statue of Liberty.
6. Miss Van Deusen gave Rennie a fountain pen supposedly used by Stephen King in high school. Rennie later uses it to fight off Jason.
7. Rennie first encountered Jason learning to swim in Crystal Lake as a child.
8. Charles McCulloch was the last person to believe Jason is there.
9. They escaped the New York sewers and Jason gets trapped in there when it floods out with toxic chemicals and washes him out to sea (and back to Crystal Lake).
10. The movie was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, with only parts of it actually in New York City.

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