1. How did Tina's dad die?

2. What did Tina first demonstrate her powers on?

3. What was Nick doing as Tina arrived?

4. Where was Nick originally from?

5. Whose death did Tina have psychic visions of?

6. What was Eddie's obsession?

7. What was Melissa's obsession?

8. What was the goal of Dr. Crews?

9. What was Tina's dad's hobby?

10. Who killed Jason?


1. John Shepherd drowned when Tina made the dock collapse with him on it.
2. Tina first demonstrated her powers on a matchbook.
3. Nick was washing his jeep.
4. Nick was originally from Pittsburgh.
5. Tina had a vision of Michael's death.
6. Eddie was obsessed with science fiction.
7. Melissa was obsessed with herself.
8. Dr. Crews wanted to expose Tina's power.
9. Tina's dad liked to collect toy trains.
10. Tina's dad, resurrected, killed Jason by trapping him at the bottom of the lake.

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