1. What was Hawes' first name (Tommy's accomplice)?

2. What TV show was Hawes famous for before he made Part 6?

3. Where did Jason get his mask?

4. What was the new name of Crystal Lake and why was it changed?

5. What color was Tommy's truck?

6. What did Lizbeth do to try to stop Jason?

7. How many survivalists were in the woods and what were they doing there?

8. What song played during the RV murders?

9. Who was the only person at camp aware of Jason's presence?

10. What was shown at the bottom of Crystal Lake?


1. Hawes' first name was Allen.
2. Hawes (Ron Palillo) was famous for 'Welcome Back, Kotter'.
3. Tommy brought along the mask. It was supposed to be the same as Part 4.
4. The new name was Forest Green, and the town changed it to forget the horrible past.
5. Tommy's truck was blue.
6. Lizbeth offered Jason money.
7. There were five survivalists and they were playing paintball.
8. Alice Cooper's "Teenage Frankenstein" played during the RV murders.
9. Young camper Nancy was the only one aware of Jason's presence.
10. The "Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake" sign from the original film was shown at the bottom of the lake.

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