1. What was the name of Tommy's original institution?

2. What was the name of the new halfway house?

3. What did Reggie scare Tommy with when they first met?

4. What was Matt's last name?

5. What did Vic and Joey argue about before he killed him?

6. According to the neon sign, what was the main beer on tap at the diner?

7. Where did Demon and Anita live?

8. What kind of soup did Ethel make?

9. What movie do Jake and Robin watch before they get killed?

10. Who was the killer and why?


1. The original institution was Unger Institute of Mental Health.
2. The new halfway house was called the Pinehurst Youth Development Center.
3. Reggie scared Tommy with a fake spider.
4. Matt's last name was Leonard.
5. Vic was upset because Joey pestered him with his chocolate bar.
6. The main beer on tap was called 'Harp'.
7. Demon and Anita lived in the trailer park.
8. Ethel was making chicken soup.
9. Jake and Robin watched 'A Place In The Sun' (1951).
10. Roy, the paramedic, because he wanted revenge for his son Joey's murder.

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