1. What was the name of the hospital where Jason was taken?

2. What was Axel watching on TV while he was waiting in the morgue?

3. What did the hitchhiker's sign say after the teens drove by?

4. What did Mrs. Jarvis and Trish do every morning at 6 a.m.?

5. What game does Tommy play in the beginning?

6. What was Tommy's hobby?

7. What was Ted's pet name for Jimmy?

8. What was Ted's fateful pick-up line that never worked?

9. What was Rob's motivation for hunting Jason?

10. What famous TV show also used the Jarvis House while filming one of its episodes?


1. The hospital was called the Wessex County Medical Center.
2. Axel was watching 'Aerobicise' (1982) on TV while he was in the morgue.
3. The hitchhiker's sign said 'Canada And Love'.
4. Mrs. Jarvis and Trish went jogging at 6 a.m., once around the lake.
5. Tommy played 'Zaxxon' (1982) on an Atari system.
6. Tommy's hobby was making horror masks.
7. Ted called Jimmy "Dead F*ck".
8. Ted always held a teddy bear and said, "Wanna give the teddy bear a kiss?"
9. Rob was hunting Jason because Jason killed his sister Sandra in Part 2.
10. The TV show "Columbo", starring Peter Falk, also filmed there.

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