1. What were the original campers looking for in the woods?

2. Where did the group stop to get food and supplies early on?

3. What type of vehicle did Trent have?

4. What was significant about the locket Whitney found?

5. What was Lawrence's goal in life?

6. What animal was prominently displayed in the living room of Trent's house?

7. What was Lawrence and Chewie's nickname for their bong?

8. Where did Jason get his trademark hockey mask?

9. What happened to the kerosene contained in the barn?

10. What was Jason's personal 'alarm system' in his mine home?


1. The original campers were looking for a patch of marijuana growing nearby.
2. The group stopped at the Outpost to get food and supplies.
3. Trent had a black Cadillac Escalade.
4. The locket had a picture of young Pamela Voorhees, who bore a resemblance to Whitney.
5. Lawrence wanted to start a rap label.
6. A bobcat was prominently hung in Trent's living room, his dad's first kill.
7. Lawrence and Chewie nicknamed their bong 'Sweet Lucille'.
8. Jason found his hockey mask in the barn after he killed Donnie.
9. Jason stole the kerosene from the barn to power the emergency generators at the camp.
10. Jason had bells rigged up to go off whenever someone was close by.

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