1. Who did Alice talk to on the phone right before her murder?

2. What was the name of the camp near Camp Crystal Lake?

3. What animal did Paul warn everyone about?

4. What was Paul's last name?

5. What kind of car did Ginny have?

6. What pinball machine was behind Ginny, Paul & Ted at the bar?

7. What video game did Mark and Vicky play?

8. What was Sandra's last name?

9. What happened to Ginny while she was hiding under her bed from Jason?

10. What did Jason use as a mask?


1. Alice talked to her mother on the phone.
2. The camp was called Camp Packanack.
3. Paul warned everyone about bears.
4. Paul's last name was Holt.
5. Ginny's car was a Volkswagen Beetle.
6. The pinball machine featured the rock band KISS.
7. Mark and Vickie played video hockey.
8. Sandra's last name was Dyer.
9. She urinated in her pants.
10. Jason used a potato sack to cover his head.

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