1. Who established Camp Crystal Lake and in what year?

2. In what year did Jason drown?

3. What songs did the counselors sing at the campfire?

4. Aside from the murders, what two other reasons were given for the camp shutting down?

5. What company did Enos work for?

6. What was the townspeople's nickname for camp?

7. What was Alice's chief hobby?

8. How long did Steve convince Alice to stay at camp?

9. What game did Bill, Alice, and Brenda play during the storm?

10. What was Mrs. Voorhees' job at Camp Crystal Lake?


1. Camp Crystal Lake was opened by the Christy family in 1935.
2. Jason drowned in 1957.
3. The counselors sang "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore" and "Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley".
4. The camp was shut down over the years because of bad water and a series of fires.
5. Enos drove the truck for Elston Oil Supply.
6. The townspeople called it Camp Blood.
7. Alice was an artist.
8. Steve convinced Alice to stay a week to help get the place ready.
9. Bill, Alice, and Brenda played strip monopoly.
10. Mrs. Voorhees was the camp's cook.

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