The updated "Ki Ki Ki" sound

Private Johnson: "Why don't you stare at this for a while, you ugly bastard!"

Dr. Wimmer: "His unique ability to regenerate...cries out for more research!"

Kay-Em 14: "Facial armor, used in sport outlawed in 2024..."

Azrael: "Hi, hand!"

Professor Lowe: "The year is're gonna be safe here..."

Dieter Perez: "He killed nearly 200 people and simply disappeared without a trace..."

Professor Lowe: "You Pass!!!"

Rowan: "We tried electrocution, gas, firing squad...we even hung him once..."

Rowan: "If we couldn't terminate him, we could at least contain him..."

Rowan: "In the end, it always comes down to money..."

Tsunaron: "I could never be with a girl whose balls are bigger than mine..."

Brodski: "I am taking this guy out!"

Lou: "I just know I'm gonna get blamed for this..."

Janessa: "Why don't you stick your head out and have a peek?"

Professor Lowe: "Guys, it's okay, he just wanted his machete back!"

Tsunaron: "Hey Slappy! I got a little somethin' for ya..."

Janessa: "What? Are you high?!"

Kay-Em 14: "He's been modified..."

VR Campers: "Hey, you want a beer? You want to smoke some pot?!"

Campfire Teen: "It landed in the lake...let's go check it out..."

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