Duke: "I don't think so..."

FBI Agent: "Good shooting, Mahoney, now clean up all this..."

The Coroner's complete autopsy report

Coroner: "In my professional opinion, this guy's deader than sh*t!"

Coroner's Assistant: "How ya doin you fat ass maggoty blown-up..."

Coroner's Assistant: "I'd like to take crap right on your mask!"

FBI Agent #2: "So, doc, what's the verdict?"

FBI Agent #2: "He wasn't nothin but a big old p*ssy anyway!"

Duke: "That makes me think of a little girl in a pink dress"

Duke: "There's only one way to put an end to him for all times..."

Joey B: "People are gonna come to see Jason's hometown...and they are gonna come with appetites..."

Diana: "Jason Voorhees is dead..."

Duke: "Why don't you blow me, chief?!"

Duke: "He's coming for you Diana, lock your doors!"

Steven: "Smokin' a little dope, having a little pre-marital sex and getting slaughtered??"

Luke: "Are you ready for Tony the wonder llama???"

Robert: "I stole Diana's body...then I went home and f*cked her daughter..."

Duke: "The only way to kill Jason Voorhees is to destroy his heart"

Duke: "In a Voorhees was he born..."

Duke: "Jason had a sister...your girlfriend's mother Diana"

Duke: "He has only two blood relatives left in the world..."

Duke: "It's not about the money anymore..."

Duke: "Tonight we can send Jason Voorhees to hell for all time!!!"

Steven: "Go...To...Hell!!!"

Freddy Krueger (stealing Jason's mask): "Hahahahahahaha!!!"

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