The alternate "Ki Ki Ki" sound

Narrator: "It's like this...we live in claustrophobia...a land of steel and concrete..."

Jim tells Suzi the legend of Jason

Jim: "Forget about it, Suzi, they're just stories!"

Deck Hand: "This voyage is doomed..."

J.J.: "This place is achin' for a video!"

Charles: "Facing your fear doesn't always conquer it..."

Tamara: "I think it's time for a little recreational activity, girl..."

Deck Hand: "He's come back...and you're all gonna die!"

Young Jason: "Helllllllp me!!!"

Deck Hand: "You're the last ones...He's come back for you"

Charles: "Jason Voorhees has been dead for years..."

Deck Hand: "He walks this ship here and now"

Charles: "Walking corpses are not real..."

Julius: "School is out, McCulloch!"

Charles: "Jason Voorhees is alive and aboard this ship"

Sean: "This is Jason's fault!!!"

Sean: "It's time you listen to me if you want off this ship alive!!!"

Julius: "We're in New York!!! We are in New York City!!!"

Gang Banger #1: "Go ahead Superman, be a hero..."

Sean: "Jason is here in New York"

Julius: "Take your best shot..."

Thugs: "You are dead meat, slimebag...Yo, man, it's cool!!!"

Rennie: "You didn't get me in the lake...and you're not gonna get me now!"

Jason: "Mommy, don't let me drown!"

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