Tommy: "Jason belongs in hell...And I'm gonna see he gets there"

Hawes: "He must have really messed you over"

Tommy: "Jason's alive! He killed my friend and now he's coming for me!"

Sheriff Garris: "Iron this punk!"

Sheriff Garris: "People want to forget this was Crystal Lake"

Sheriff Garris: "I don't need some kid stirring up Jason sh*t again"

Tommy: "You're gonna be sorry you didn't listen to me"

Tommy: "No matter what you call it, it's still Camp Crystal Lake to him"

Martin: "Why'd they have to go and dig up Jason?"

Deputy Rick: "Wherever the red dot goes, ya-bang!"

Tyen: "If this is as exciting as it gets, we're in big trouble dude"

Sheriff Garris: "You should be leaving wearing your balls as earrings!"

Martin: "Darlin, you're gonna be the death of me!"

Deputy Rick: "Happy Friday the 13th"

Sheriff Garris: "Tommy a psychopathic killer"

Megan: "I'm not the one with the funny red nose"

Tommy: "You better do as she says, because wherever the red dot goes, ya-bang!"

Megan: "Come on hot lips, let's go, you drive, I'll navigate"

Tommy: "The only way to stop Jason is to return him to his original resting place"

Tyen: "I think we're dead meat!"

Billy: "So, what were you gonna be when you grew up?"

Tommy: "Jason, come on, come and get me, it's me you want, remember?"

Tommy: "That's it, come on maggot head, come on!"

Tommy: "Come on, chicken sh*t, come on, I'm standing here waitin!"

Tommy: "It's's finally over...Jason's home"

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