Neil: "Let's rip this sucker open!"

Sheriff Tucker: "You've got some neighbors who aren't too happy about your place..."

Sheriff Tucker: "We found a couple of your kids on the Hubbard place again..."

Ethel: "You better hear me and hear me good...I want this looney bin closed down!"

Ethel: "You mark my words...I'm gonna blow your brains out!"

Joey: "You want a chocolate bar?!"

Joey: "Forget it, Vic, just forget it...but I think you're really out of line!"

Duke: "So...what do we got here...bunch of p*ssies..."

Duke: "Come on Roy, get your hands dirty..."

Pete: "A rat tat tat tat tooie!"

Ethel: "I'm gonna chop you into itty-bitty little pieces my friend!"

Roy: "You talkin to me, sheriff?"

Deputy Dodd: "Looks like we've got us a maniac on the loose, huh sheriff?"

Lana: "Itttttttt's Showtime!!!"

Billy: "Cloudy in the mountains, sunny in the valleys, and snow flurries up your nose..."

Sheriff Tucker: "I know who it's Jason Voorhees"

Mayor Cobb: "Jason Voorhees is dead!"

Junior: "They hurt me, Ma, they hurt me!!!"

Pam: "Run, Tommy, Run!!! He'll kill you!!!"

Sheriff Tucker: "I guess he used the Jason thing to cover it up..."

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