Paramedic: "This time they got him..."

Axel: "Holy Jesus jumpin' Christmas sh*t!!!"

Nurse: "Axel, you are the Super Bowl of self-abuse!!!"

Ted: "Let me put it in the old computer..."

Ted: "Hey honey, you got a sister? Ruff ruff!"

Jimmy: " have no suits!"

Tommy: "Some pack of patootsies, huh?!"

Jimmy (to Ted): "I think you should run that through your little computer!"

Rob: "What the hell are you doing here??"

Rob: "My sister Sandra was just a... a really great kid..."

Rob: "Jason's body has disappeared from the morgue..."

Trish: "But he's dead!"

Rob: "Two people at the hospital are missing...he's alive..."

Jimmy (to Ted): "Why don't you run this through your computer, teddy bear?!"

Jimmy: "Hey Ted, where the hell's the corkscrew?!"

Ted: "So, you wanna give the old teddy bear a kiss?"

Doug: "Whoops...dropped my bar of soap old buddy..."

Trish: "Tommy, get the hell outta here!!!"

Trish: "I'm gonna give you something to remember us by!!!"

Tommy: "DIE! DIE! DIE!!!"

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