Harold: "If Edna catches you in here, she's gonna make a fur coat out of ya..."

Edna: "Now where's that other needle?!"

Andy: "What would a weekend in the country be without sex?!"

Shelly: "I beg your pardon...I'm not an a**hole, I'm an actor"
Andy: "Same thing..."

Shelly: "Is that all you're gonna do...smoke dope?"
Chuck: "Why not, man, is there a law against it?"

Shelly: "What do you got in there?"
Shelly: "My whole world...stick around, you'll see..."

Abel: "Look upon what his grace has brought unto me!"

Abel: "Look upon this omen...I have warned thee...I have warned thee..."

Shelly: "It was a joke! I didn't mean to..."
Andy: "You never mean 'tah'..."

Vera: "May I please have the wallet. m'am?"

Ali: "Fox, Loco, open the damn door!"

Debbie: "Was it you, me, or the hammock?"

Debbie: "I'm taking a shower, you ought to try it sometime..."

Chris: "I'll never forget that horrible face, never!"

Shelly: "A beautiful girl like you should never go out in the dark alone!"

Chuck: "Heavy sh*t!!!"

Chili: "Nice makeup job..."

Chris: "It's hard to believe the wild bunch is already in bed..."

Chris: "You can't be alive!"

Policeman: "Looks like she's the only one left alive..."

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