The "Ki Ki Ki" sound

Mrs. Voorhees: "You're the last one...I've killed all the others"

Mrs. Voorhees: "It'll be easier for you than it was for Jason"

Mrs. Voorhees: "You let him drown...Jason was my son!"

Mrs. Voorhees: "You should have been watching him...every minute!"

Mrs. Voorhees: " special, special boy"

Mrs. Voorhees: "They must be punished, Jason"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Kill for mother"

Richie: "You wanna slap that ass one more time for daddy?"

Richie: "This is Pabst Blue American Ribbon, my friend"

Wade tells the legend of Crystal Lake

Richie: "This story could have happened anywhere, dude"

Amanda: "For the record, you will never drink my piss"

Mike: "Look at all's like it was dragged here from another century"

Clay: "I'm looking for my sister, she's gone missing"

Chewie: "That is one fierce pussy"

Lawrence: ", is that you?"

Old Lady: "She ain't missing...she's dead"

Old Lady: "People go missing around here, they're gone for good"

Donnie: "You came about that close to hittin' the start button a whoop-ass machine, boy"

Bree: "And here we have the stoned American male, foraging for food"

Donnie: "Let daddy have a little lick"

Chewie: "They don't call me the wood wizard because I masturbate a lot"

Lawrence: "Lady, I'm about to ruin your perfect day"

Trent: "Oh wow, your tits are stupendous"

Trent: "You've got perfect nipple placement, baby"

Trent & Bree: " say the least"

Clay: "There is a killer out there"

Whitney: "It's can stop now"

Whitney: "Jason...say hi to hell!!!"

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