Crazy Ralph: "I told the others...They didn't believe me!"

Ted: "Welcome to God's country..."

Ted: "This place is on the same lake as we're gonna be..."

Paul tells the legend of Jason Voorhees

Paul: "Jason drowned, Mrs. Voorhees was killed, and Camp Crystal Lake is off limits..."

Jeff and Sandra:
"You ready? For what? Camp Blood!"

Sandra: "When we get back to the city, we can tell everyone we were there..."

Deputy Winslow: "What are you kids doin' out here?"

Paul: "Anybody wants a last night on the town, now's your chance..."

Ted: "Five years ago, some girl panics and falls out of a's absurd..."

Ginny: "What if there is a Jason?"

Ginny: "I mean, I doubt Jason would have even known the meaning of death..."

Ginny: "He'd be grown by now, right?"

Paul: "Jason's a legend, Ginny...a legend"

Mark: "I don't intend to be in this thing the rest of my life..."

Ginny: "You've done your job well and mommy is pleased!"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Mommy has reward for you"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Jason, Mother is talking to you!"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Come...kneel down..."

Mrs. Voorhees: "That's a good boy...good Jason..."

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