The "Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma" sound effect

Barry: "We weren't doing anything..."

Crazy Ralph: "You'll never come back again!"

Crazy Ralph: "It's got a death curse!"

Ned: "Sometimes I just think about kissing women..."

Enos: "Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed!"

Enos: "Dumb kids...know-it-alls!"

Annie: "Wasn't that the road for Camp Crystal Lake?"

Officer Dorf: "What you been smokin, boy?"

Officer Dorf: "I told you to sit on it, Tonto!"

Officer Dorf: "We ain't gonna stand for no weirdness out here!"

Marcie: " least we know what's for dinner!"

Crazy Ralph: "You're all doomed!"

Crazy Ralph: "I'm a messenger of're doomed if you stay here!"

Jack: "It's gonna storm...tear down that valley like a son of a gun..."

Bill: "Heaven help you if you land on one of my hotels..."

Marcie: "Forty yards to the Willie Make-It..."

Mrs. Voorhees: "I'm an old friend of the Christy's..."

Mrs. Voorhees: "Did you know a young boy drowned?"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Jason was my son...and today is his birthday!"

Mrs. Voorhees: "Kill her mommy! Kill her!"

Mrs. Voorhees: "He wasn't a very good swimmer..."

Mrs. Voorhees: "Look what you did to him!"

Alice: "The he dead too?"

Sgt. Tierney: "M'am, we didn't find any boy..."

Alice: "Then he's still there..."

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