1. Wade telling the legend of Camp Crystal Lake at the campfire was similar to when Paul did the same thing in Part 2.

2. It's been said that the entire opening, including the first group of campers, is a tribute to Part 2.

3. In general, the film is contains tributes to the first five 'Friday The 13th' films.

4. When the first group of campers gather to drink beer around the campfire, one of them says "Heineken? F*ck that European sh*t! This is Pabst Blue Ribbon!" This line is a direct reference to the film 'Blue Velvet' (1986).

5. When Wade tells Richie, "May the force be with your schwartz", this is a reference to the film 'Spaceballs' (1987).

6. Jason wearing the sack over his head is similar to Part 2, when he wore it the whole film.

7. Jason getting his signature hockey mask is similar to Part 3, when he got it from Shelly.

8. There are a few dialogue references to the film 'Star Wars' (1977), and the glow-stick action mirrors a light-saber battle. The character of Chewie was also a direct reference to the film.

9. Whitney telling Mike "I don't think I'm gonna stay" is similar to when Alice told Steve Christy the same thing in the original film.

10. Mike (Nick Mennell) offers to take Whitney "back to his van" after he convinces her to stay and camp out. This is a reference to Nick Mennell's other remake film, 'Halloween', in which he played Bob, Lynda's boyfriend, and had a van.

11. Jason slicing the tent and entering to grab Amanda is similar to Part 7, when Jason did the same thing to grab Judy.

12. The first group of campers used yellow tents when they set up camp. This is similar to Part 4 and Part 9, when yellow tents were also used.

13. Jason setting traps to catch the campers, like the bear trap used on Richie, is similar to the snare used in Part 2 to catch Scott.

14. The shrine Jason set up to his mother at the house is an homage to Part 2, when he had a similar one set up in his shack.

15. The character of Officer Bracke is named after Peter Bracke, author of the reunion book 'Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th'.

16. The second group of campers driving along the road approaching town is similar to both Jack/Marcie/Ned and Jeff/Sandra from the first two films, respectively.

17. The character of Clay is very reminiscent of Rob from Part 4, who was also in the woods in the name of his sister, Sandra.

18. Lawrence and Chewie messing with Clay's motorcycle is similar to when Ned and Jack mess with Officer Dorf's motorcycle in the original film.

19. Clay knocking on the screen door asking the old lady for help is similar to Part 5, when Raymond did the same thing asking Ethel to work for a meal.

20. The barn action is similar to what takes place in Parts 3 and 5, particularly later in the film when Clay and Whitney go there in the rain.

21. The underwater shot of Chelsea is similar to a shot of Sandra in Part 7 as Jason approaches for the kill.

22. Clay and Jenna checking out the abandoned campsite is similar to when Jeff and Sandra snuck away to do the same thing in Part 2.

23. The archery range and the large set of lights down there is a direct similarity to the original film, where Brenda is killed. Even the targets look the same!

24. Jason confusing Whitney for his mother is similar to Part 2, when he was confused by Ginny when she wore the sweater.

25. Right before Chewie goes to the tool shed to "fix the chair", the TV show 'MacGyver' (1985) is mentioned.

26. The swinging light in the tool shed after Chewie is killed is similar to the original film, where a light just like that swings after Marcie is killed with the ax.

27. Jason being stabbed in the leg by Lawrence is similar to Part 3, when Chris did the same thing in their battle.

28. Jason standing on the roof watching the scene below is similar to Part 6, when he did the same thing while standing on top of the RV.

29. There are several scenes where Derek Mears pays homage to previous Jason actors, including a head tilt (Kane Hodder), running (Steve Dash), and reaching out with just his arms (Richard Brooker) in a classic 3-D type shot.

30. Jason using a bow and arrow is similar to the film 'Wrong Turn', where the inbred killers used it the same way.

31. Derek Mears also brings his experiences from 'The Hills Have Eyes 2', where you can clearly see a resemblance to the mountain man-type character he portrayed in that film.

32. There is also a general feel of the film which is similar to the two 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' remake films from 2003 and 2006. In fact, the films were shot in similar locations in Texas.

33. Jason carrying the body of Donnie headless is similar to Part 6, when he did the same thing with Sissy after he twisted her head off.

34. Bree pulling back the shower curtain is similar to when Marcie did the same thing just before she was killed in the original film.

35. Officer Bracke being pinned to the door with the fireplace poker is similar to when Bill was pinned to the door with arrows in the original film.

36. Bree being thrown onto the car is similar to Part 4, when Tina was dispatched by Jason in the same fashion.

37. Trent falling in a large puddle of water is similar to the large puddle of water that several characters encounter in Part 2 on the way to Jason's shack.

38. Down in the mine, there are many miscellaneous items, including a wheelchair. This is an homage to Mark from Part 2 (and a nice touch, I might add).

39. Jason attacking Clay from behind through the window is similar to both Parts 2 and 4, when Jason attacks Ginny and Tommy, respectively.

40. Jason's battle with Clay at the end mirrors some of the battle between Paul and Jason in Part 2.

41. The chains around Jason's neck used at the end of the film are similar to when Tommy puts the chains around his neck at the end of Part 6.

42. The montage ending, showing all the places Jason had been throughout the film, is an homage to the ending of the original 'Halloween' film (1978).

43. Clay and Whitney dumping Jason in the lake and tossing in the machete is similar to when Will and Lori did the same thing at the end of 'Freddy Vs. Jason' (2003).

44. The mask falling to the bottom of the lake and sticking there is similar to the ending of 'Jason X' (2002), when Uber-Jason's mask did the same thing.

45. The surprise ending where Jason returns is similar to the endings of the original and Part 3, where Jason and his mother return at the end, respectively.

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