Matt: I was sad to see Jason "go to hell" in what was supposed to be the final 'Friday The 13th' film, but what was really sad was how they sent him there. Kane Hodder again proved he is Jason, and it was a big improvement over Part 8. However, this film strayed way too far from the 'Friday' concept, and the idea of Jason's demonic soul jumping bodies was just a bit too much to handle. I just wasn't buying anyone but the real hockey-masked killer murdering people, and it was plain laughable when the hellbaby emerged and was reborn through Diana. This film wasn't really scary, except when Jason was in it, and even then they kind of handcuffed Kane Hodder from exhibiting what he does best. They should have went back to the drawing board and did a classic 'Friday The 13th' campsite movie, something I am still waiting for, complete with Harry Manfredini's original score (although his effort here isn't bad). As it is, the acting was improved, but it still resembles nothing more than a Sci-Fi movie of the week. 4 out of 10.

A.J.: Once again, the only good part was in the beginning when they were at Crystal Lake. Once Jason's heart jumped from body to body, the movie went downhill. I expected a lot better from what was supposed to be the final Friday The 13th. 6 out of 10.


Luke: I know so many people hate the movie, but I'm a diehard F13 fan and I think it's by far one of the best sequels in the franchise and I'll tell you why from my perspective. The entry is a different animal, a completely different beast than the typical prototype F13 sequel. As much as I like it, I think it really pushed the buttons of the extremities and I loved every minute of it. The mythology of Jason might rub some fans the wrong way, but considering where the series was at, it was time for a new angle, so they created a background about Jason's family. Now some fans want to just see him in the woods and trust me, I like that too, but I also really liked the dark, violent, in-your-face vibe about it. Thanks to KNB EFX, we ended up getting one of the most violent sequels in the series. The story might not have sold everyone, but what we got was an entertaining bloodbath that threw all the typical slasher film cliches out the window. I appreciated what this movie did for me and that was having a good time, not taking it too seriously and watching some gross-out effects and carnage. Jason is in the movie the entire time if you use your imagination. My only complaint is if Jason was reborn right before the diner massacre, I think fans might have been more appreciative as well. That was one of the greatest scenes in the movie.

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