Matt: 'The New Blood' marked the second film of the zombified killing machine known as Jason. It was great in many ways. It featured the debut of the great Kane Hodder as Jason, and Kane took the role to a whole new level. Jason was definitely at his best in this one, and it was the last time Jason really scared me in a film. You can tell Kane had a direct hand in the killings, as he delivered some of the most memorable in the series (sleeping bag, tree-trimming saw, etc). The main thing keeping this movie from getting a 10 is the storyline. It seemed a little far-fetched that Tina had telekinetic powers, and it really strayed far too much away from the simple premise of all the 'Friday' films. The movie would have been a whole lot better without that part of the plot, but I understand why they did it, to put Jason up against something he'd never seen before. Still, it would have been a lot better straight up, and it was pretty entertaining to see Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser of 'Weekend At Bernie's fame) get what was coming to him. That, combined with a weak effort on the musical score by Fred Mollin, really dragged this down a little. If they would have continued on with master Harry Manfredini instead of using his stock score, this film would have been much more effective as a 'Friday The 13th' film. 8 out of 10.

A.J.: This was the first movie that Kane Hodder appeared in and Jason looked better than ever with some spectacular killing scenes. The only thing that kept this movie down was Tina's telekinetic powers. She should have fought Jason toe-to-toe like everyone else. 7 out of 10.


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