Matt: 'Jason Lives' is by far my favorite 'Friday sequel'. It contained all the right elements, and director Tom McLaughlin gave the 'Friday' fanbase what it was so longing for-- bringing Jason back after the Part 5 debacle, and getting him back to doing what he does best-- slash, maim, and murder. C.J. Graham was very imposing as the revived Jason, who makes the transition from hunter to zombified killing machine. They managed to get Jason back to camp and make it scary again, although the film did have its 'campy' moments. What do you expect from a 'Friday The 13th' film? Each one has a little bit of the lighter side to it at some point. This film also marked the conclusion of the Tommy Jarvis saga, here played admirably by Thom Mathews of 'Return Of The Living Dead' fame. There was definitely a revenge factor involved in this movie, and C.J. and Thom had a good chemistry on film as the opposing foes. This film restored the credibility of the franchise for Paramount, and set the stage for all the sequels to come after it. It was as if Part 5 never existed, which is fine by me. The acting really wasn't that bad in this one, and the killings were excellent. All that, combined with the kick-ass music of Alice Cooper and new score from Harry Manfredini, and this one knocks it out of the park. 10 out of 10.

A.J.: The real Jason comes back and kicks ass at the original campground. The only thing that kept this movie from getting a 10 was the fact that they changed the name to Forest Green and didn't keep it as Crystal Lake. 9 out of 10.


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