Matt: Part 3 was one of the first films to utilize the 3-D gimmick, which has become the rage in the new millennium. Many of those films today have Part 3 to thank, as they were able to do some truly groundbreaking things for their time. There are awesome 3-D kills and, in one of the most iconic moments in horror history, Jason gets his hockey mask! Shelly had no idea that he would set the trend for the rest of the series by giving up the mask (and his life). Sure, not being at Camp Crystal Lake hurt this movie, but Higgins Haven was a good setting for Jason to roam, and it gave him lots of interesting new toys to play with, particularly in the barn. Richard Brooker really was the first to establish the menacing presence in the role of Jason, something that became an essential part of his character the rest of the way. Harry Manfredini's haunting score continued once again to define the series. 8 out of 10.

A.J.: Jason gets his infamous mask and there are awesome 3-D killing effects. The only thing is that being at Higgins Haven and not at Camp Crystal Lake hurt this movie. 7 out of 10.


Robert: I truly hated this movie's heroine (Chris, played by Dana Kimmell). What a whiny, complaining, screaming type she was. The most annoying female lead until Kim Basinger in 'Batman' (1989), who pretty much screamed the entire time. Here, Jason gets his hockey mask and looks badass. Yet, they seem to have this underplayed by things like he attacked Chris one night in the woods. Why? What was his motivation? Some sort of point here which they never bothered to answer much like explaining why those bikers siphoned gas from her van, when it was Shelly who ran their bikes over with Rick's VW in the first place. Frankly, the Friday reboot (2009) had a better female lead as this gal is the worst in the franchise. Plus, it had Jason portrayed as just as one hell of a badass. 4 out of 10.

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