Matt: Part 2 was a good sequel in an era where studios were not really looking for them. It has all the makings of a great horror movie, and was able to spin the 'Friday The 13th' world into a new orbit with the debut of Jason as the killer. The only thing weak about this movie was the poor transition from the original to Part 2. In Part 1, Jason is a boy. All of a sudden in Part 2, he is fully grown, and there's no way he got that way in just 5 years, as explained in the movie. There should have been a scene actually showing Jason coming out of the lake. It just leaves a gap in between there that most people wouldn't be able to figure out. But, on the other hand, it IS the arrival of Jason, so that can't be too bad. The acting was good, but not great, about what you'd expect from an '80s slasher film. The killings were just how we like 'em-- stylistic and bloody. Harry Manfredini again delivered the goods with the score and sound effects, continuing the 'Friday The 13th' feel. All in all, a solid effort. 8 out of 10.

A.J.: It is the arrival of Jason and you can clearly understand why everything happens and it has more blood and gore. 10 out of 10.


Robert: Everyone praises Parts 3 and 4 which is their opinion as well as the original. Most people forget Part 2, which introduced Jason into the franchise for the whole movie. They forget how good Amy Steel was, a likeable heroine like Adrienne King before her, unlike some in the other films. 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown' influenced his sack mask here as well as Michael Myers' heavy breathing from the original 'Halloween'. Here, Jason seems to be quite human, whereas those others show him incapable of being stopped. I love the scene where Ginny fools him, albeit briefly, with Pamela's sweater. She's the only woman in the entire franchise to have 'fooled around' and survived the killer's onslaught. The woods seemed like a mix of 'Wrong Turn' and 'Deliverance', with evil seeping through the air quietly, ready to strike. 9 out of 10.

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