1. Who won the Intergalactic Medal of Excellence and who finished second?

2. What was Brad and Lynda "into"?

3. How many floors were on the Military Complex?

4. There were approximately how many prisoners locked up there?

5. What was unique about Skye?

6. What was the acronym used to describe the Space Sling?

7. What caused the Sling's first malfunction?

8. What was Viper's tattoo of?

9. What was Blister's obsession?

10. What was unique about Free?


1. Free won the Intergalactic Medal of Excellence, and Skye was second.
2. Brad and Lynda were into the medieval lifestyle.
3. There were nine floors on the Military Complex.
4. There were approximately 100-200 prisoners locked up on Elysium.
5. Skye was the last survivor of triplets (her sisters Terra and Luna died a year before).
6. The acronym used for the space sling was the UUSA.
7. A tsunami on Earth II registered at 11.7 caused the first malfunction of the Sling.
8. Viper's tattoo was of a snake wrapped around his entire body.
9. Blister was obsessed with fire.
10. Free was the son of London Jefferson and conceived using Uber-Jason's DNA.

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