1. What was Felicity's nickname for Fedor Stanislav?

2. Who was the captain of the Black Star 13?

3. What was Bella Morrison better known as?

4. Where does Bella trace her ancestors to on Earth Prime?

5. What does Felicity wear around her neck in remembrance of Fedor Stanislav?

6. What was Bella's hobby?

7. What is Emery's motivation for being Bardox's understudy?

8. What was Helmet's motto?

9. What did Professor Bardox say was his reason for going to Planet 666?

10. What was Professor Bardox's real mission for going down to Planet 666?


1. Felicity's nickname for Fedor Stanislav was 'Captain Bligh'.
2. The captain of the Black Star 13 was Mary Frances Fine.
3. Bella Morrison was better known as Bella 'Morte' because of her gothic appearance.
4. Bella traces her ancestors to Lyons, Kansas, on Earth Prime.
5. Felicity wears Stanislav's ring around her neck in remembrance of her love.
6. Bella loved to tell 'campfire' stories of Earth Prime, in particular Jason stories.
7. Emery feels if he gets mentioned in Bardox's study of Jason, he will become famous.
8. Helmet's motto was 'simple is smart'.
9. Bardox tried to pass it off as a plant cloning experiment.
10. Bardox wanted to clone Jason by injecting his DNA into a woman and making her pregnant.

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