1. What type of car does Lynn drive an exact replica of?

2. What was Lynn's major at CM University?

3. What was Mara's nickname for Sawyer Orestes?

4. What type of pill is used at various times when chaos breaks out?

5. What was Hyacinth Stein's other major project?

6. What is the nickname given to the special pills?

7. What are Alonzo, Kray and Powell better known as?

8. How long were the grunts held captive by Stein?

9. What innovation was used that was also used in Jason X?

10. Who was the grunts' commanding officer?


1. Lynn drives a replica of a Chrysler PT cruiser.
2. Lynn's major was public policy and management.
3. Mara's nickname was Sawyer Orestes, rhymes with testes.
4. A special anti-trauma pill is taken to stabilize the body.
5. Stein's other project was creating a portable nano-repair bed.
6. The special anti-trauma pills are nicknamed LRO's, meaning little red ones.
7. Alonzo, Kray and Powell are known as the Sex Maniacs.
8. The grunts were held captive for two weeks by Stein.
9. The innovative patch was used to help heal large wounds.
10. The grunts' commanding officer was Master Sgt. Black Carol.

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